Why attend?

GE Sustainability 2024 brings together industry leaders for a day of knowledge-sharing, discussion, and networking, featuring inspiring keynotes, spotlight project updates, technical case studies and insightful panel debates.

5 reasons to attend GE Sustainability 2024:

Learn about the latest innovations in materials, design and construction methods, and discover how they will change geotechnical engineering in the future

Delve into the developments on major cross-sector projects, and learn how they are driving the industry forward

Find out about the latest advances in low carbon fuels and how it will change what the future construction site will look like

Debate the biggest challenges facing the sector to embrace sustainable design, construction and maintenance methods.

Join your peers for a day of learning and networking at the only event in 2024 focused solely on sustainability within the ground engineering sector.

Who should attend

Regardless of your role in the industry, it's clear that sustainability is more important now than ever before. From reducing our carbon footprint to implementing innovative solutions, there's no doubt that these advancements will impact every aspect of the sector - and you won't want to be left behind.

That's why we've designed this critical event to be the perfect opportunity for you and your team to learn, share, and network with some of the brightest minds in the industry. You'll gain invaluable insights into the latest trends and technologies, meet like-minded professionals, and discover new ways to drive your business forward.

So if you're ready to stay ahead of the curve and make meaningful connections, don't miss out on this essential gathering in 2024.

Who attends?

GE Sustainability 2024 will gather decision-makers from across the geotechnical sector. Attending organisations include:

Attending organisations include: 

  • Clients
  • Academics
  • Tier 1 contractors
  • Consulting engineers
  • Geotechnical consultants
  • Geotechnical contractors
  • Suppliers and manufacturers
  • Technology providers


17, One Crosswall
America Square